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Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction, Inc., is proud to be one of Utah's premier custom builders. We specialize in the complete design, development and construction of custom residential projects with experienced emphasis on superior, high quality homes, remodels, additions, as well as mountain homes, lodges and log cabins.

Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction welcomes one-of-a-kind projects. Our experience and expertise prove invaluable when designing and constructing the uncommon and unique. "Out-of-the-box" thinking is encouraged. We are custom builders, experienced, qualified and capable of constructing any residential project.

Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction is a Utah construction firm holding an unlimited general construction license. Roger B. Campbell and Norman C. Dahle have more than 80 years of combined construction and development experience. When we build homes we also build relationships; our clients become our friends. Performance, honesty, integrity, timely completion, and superior quality set Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction far above other builders.

Thinking Green? As green building practices become more and more popular, Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction is prepared to assist you in evaluating the impact and costs of "Building Green." A balanced approach of incorporating green efficiencies into the design of your home can be achieved in a cost effective manner.

Thinking about an "Empty Nest?" Are you looking for the casual elegance you have earned after years of hard work and sound money management? The partners at Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction are empty nesters and we understand the change in lifestyle and the desire to downsize without compromising on comfort or quality. We can help you revitalize and remodel your existing home or introduce you to our newly designed concept of the "empty nest" home.

At Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction, we are committed to building creative solutions, value and relationships. Our core belief is: We succeed only when our clients achieve their goals. When our work calls us beyond our home territory, we take our values with us. Trophy Mountain Homes & Construction is a private company with all corporate stock held by its owners. We consider this a key to our success.